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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yehn ko! Let's go!

It was an eventful day that detoured a little from the original project as the social work maymester students arrived in Patriensa. We organized for all of the schools in the village to meet us at the Presby Church and quickly divided up into teams. We set out, kids in tow, to scavenge the grounds for empty sachets packages and most definitely found some. It became a competition to see who could find the most and the kids ran crazily full of excitement. The elementary school kids I was with were some of the most precious children ever! They wouldn't let me pick up anything and wanted nothing but to hold my hands or fingers and walk, talking to me in twi and giggling when I attempted to respond. We all congregated together to view the Trashy Bags products to build up hype for the future Trashy Bags extension out of Patriensa Pure Enterprise. It was mad chaos, but full of energy and pretty successful. 

It was a really busy day but fun to get to show off our work to the social work students while they were here. The masons got here today and plastered the entire sachet production room and did an incredible job! The electricity and plumbing ground work are laid, the roof is completely finished, the borehole near the building has been analyzed for the depth and flow rate of the water, and the well that PUC put in last year has been repaired to restart the water flow. it's been crazy to see how much has happened in 6 days but there is still quite a bit to do before we leave. Dayee (good rest) 

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  1. It's awesome to hear that the building is getting finished! I'm sorry I can't be there to help. Keep up the great work you guys :)



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