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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's finally here!

After a very long plane ride and a five hour time difference, Mary and I made it to Accra. We got in last night along with the the Briquette team from PUC and our technical advisor, Marty,and ventured out to the mall for a late meal. We ate a pretty American meal of broiled chicken wings and fries before returning to the hotel to shower and sleep,both of which felt wonderful!

This morning we got ready and went downstairs to meet the guys from the other team for breakfast. Then our driver came and picked us up and took us to get Kwame, who's served as our excited and informative tour guide all day. We all piled into a van and went to the museum honoring Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah. We learned all about his history and the way he lifted this country into one of drive and service. He did a lot for Ghana and the union of Africa before being overthrown by his people (and supposedly the CIA) out of fear of socialism. We took a group shot but I forgot the chord to upload my camara so it will have to wait.

After that we went to the cultural center, which is actually just a market, and looked at all the crafts designed by the people in Accra. After that we had lunch at a restaurant on the beach. We all got typical Ghanaian dishes and experienced "African time" as we waited for a long time for our food. The culture here isn't concerned with rushing or pressure, but likes to enjoy the time they spend together. We didn't mind sitting and listening to the ocean though since we are all still getting acclimated to the time change.

After that we went to Trash Bags and spoke with Stuart a little before purchasing various bags and touring the facilities. Now, we are back in the hotel for a little break before we meet the social work maymester students for dinner. That's the day so far, but we'll post again when we can.


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