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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 19 – 10 June 2012

Sunday was an easy day. We started off by going to the Methodist Church with Nana Kontihene. Like the Presby church, the service lasted several hours, was entirely in Twi, and was full of singing, dancing, and offerings. After church, Nana took us to his home for lunch. His house was probably the nicest I had seen in the village. It was made of concrete, had tile floors, large rugs, a television, radio, refrigerator, and other household items you would find in a common western house. For lunch, his wife had made us eto, a dish with boiled and mashed plantains, topped with fresh avocado, hard- boiled eggs, and roasted ground nuts. We had never had eto, but it soon became our favorite Ghanaian dish.

After lunch, Nana took us to the PPF site to watch some construction. However while there, some people had been complaining that the water tasted bad. We tasted it and realized that the chlorine that we put in two days before was still very present in the water. Luckily the tank was only about a quarter of the way full, so we attached a hose, and begin draining the tank. The process went much smoother since we had installed a drainage valve last time we drained the tank. The tank took about an hour to drain. Unfortunately there were not many people around to gather the water, so most of it was wasted. However, the kids still had a great time playing in water. To them it must have felt like a water park, relieving the summer heat. After the tank drained, we turned the pump back on and let the tank fill with fresh, un-chlorinated water. We tasted the water again, and thought it tasted fine. We had some community members try it, and they agreed that it was fine.

That’s about it for Sunday, thanks for reading.


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