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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recon Trip Update

Hey everyone,

Over spring break, two members of our team (Kristina and Kim) traveled to Patriensa to assess the project plot, investigate procurement sources, and meet with community leaders and members. The trip was very successful; we met all of our objectives except for one because of scheduling constraints. Here are some pictures of the recon trip:

Kim and Kristin with local children
Hook 'Em!
Children playing outside the school. We hope to each our lunches here and get to know to the kids better.
Kim, our social work student, surveying the plot

A water sachet
Kim, Kristina, Tim Bailey, Nana Kontihene, and children in front of the PPE Sachet building

Now we are working on technical designs for the water tank stand, septic system, and hydraulic system. As we get designs finalized, we will send them to Africa so the community can begin implementing.


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