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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Blog Post

Yesterday morning we drove 4 hours from Accra to Patriensa. The greeting we received by the Conticini, Queen Mother, and Chief's council was humbling. Tim and I feel very assured in the success of this project after walking in the village, seeing the water pump that was installed last year, the potential location of the sachet production building, and much discussion with Pastor Kofi, Nana Yaw Kwakye, and the Conticini. We were able to measure the parameters of the land that will be utilized for the proposed building, determine where we can T into the current well piping, and the pipe length that will be necessary to run from that T to the proposed buliding. We also visited some sawmills to determine what sawdust and lumber is available.

Today we traveled to Kumasi. We were able to visit a sachet water production company. We were shown how the machines work and get a visual idea of the building requirements and layout necessary for such a project. We also visited the store where the machines and necessary equipment (pumps, filters) are sold.

We can't wait to give more updates after we meet with Nana Yaw Kwakye and Pastor Kofi in the morning and have a social with KNUST students in the afternoon!

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  1. Tim and Mary, I'm so excited for the progress you are making! It sounds so encouraging. I can't wait to hear more!


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